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Persian Rugs Edinburgh

persian rugs edinburgh

    persian rugs
  • (Persian Rug) the nickname given to the two-hundred and the five-hundred dollar revenue stamps of 1871, known for their colorful and intricately engraved artwork resembling a Persian rug.

  • The Persian carpet (Pahlavi bobNouri-Zadeh, Sh., Persian Carpet; The Beautiful Picture of Art in History Persian fars ???, meaning "to spread" and qali)Savory, R., Carptes,(Encyclopaedia Iranica); accessed January 30, 2007. is an essential part of Persian art and culture.

  • have intricate all-over patterns, mainly floral, but sometimes including animal or human figures, often with a central medallion. Colours include soft pastels and muted reds, browns, and blues. The rugs are fringed at both ends.

  • The capital of Scotland, on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth; pop. 421,200. The city grew up around an 11th-century castle built by Malcolm III on a rocky ridge that dominates the landscape

  • Edinburgh Prison is located in the West Side of Edinburgh on the main A71, in an area known as Stenhouse, and although never been named such is frequently known colloquially as Saughton.

  • the capital of Scotland; located in the Lothian Region on the south side of the Firth of Forth

  • Edinburgh (, or ; Scots: Edinburgh ; Scottish Gaelic: Dun Eideann) is the capital city of Scotland, the second largest city in Scotland after Glasgow and the seventh-most populous in the United Kingdom. The City of Edinburgh Council is one of Scotland's 32 local government council areas.

Royal Yacht Brittania - The Drawing Room

Royal Yacht Brittania - The Drawing Room

The drawing room on the Britannia is probably the yacht's most elegant room, with its fireplace, Persian rugs and deep armchairs. This is where intimate gatherings or other official functions would take place.

Edinburgh Photography, Portobello, Portobello Beach

Edinburgh Photography, Portobello, Portobello Beach

Edinburgh Photography, John Gilchrist Edinburgh Photographer. Photographs, pictures captured in or around Edinburgh. A photographers view, photographic library Edinburgh Portobello, Portobello Beach

persian rugs edinburgh

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